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What is the "Main Content" section?
Last Updated 2 years ago

The Main Content area is the first step in creating a Talking Vcard. You can add your name as well as title that appears beneath your name. You can also add your company name, though this doesn't appear on the Vcard, it does however, get added to the Contacts section if a someone adds the Vcard's owner's contact information to the list of Contacts on the mobile phone. 

There is an "about" section where you can tell a little, or a lot, about yourself so the person viewing your Vcard can learn something about you.

You can also upload two images here; 

1) A logo or personal picture. This image fits the circle at the top of the Vcard. It is not required but it does add a nice touch. The dimensions are listed in this section and the general rule is to use a large, high quality image.

2) A banner for the top of the Vcard. This image is visible right at the top of the Vcard and though it isn't required, just like the logo/person picture image, it adds a nice touch. The image size should be large, the dimensions are listed in the section.

Remember to click the SAVE button at the top of the page before moving to another section.

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