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What is the "Record a Video" section?
Last Updated 3 months ago

This is the part of the Talking Vcard that makes it talk. There are two options available.

1) You can record a greeting video right inside your Talking Vcard account section and then display this video on your Talking Vcard. This requires that you have a YouTube or Vimeo account because you will need to provide your account details so that our system can connect to and upload your recorded greeting to either your YouTube or Vimeo account. We do not see nor store your YouTube or Video account credentials. It is only used to upload your video once you record your greeting. Once your video is uploaded you simply add the URL to the video's location to your Talking Vcard in the URL box.

2) If you have a video on a YouTube or Vimeo account that you want to add to your Talking Vcard, as opposed to recording a greeting as explained above, then you can simply paste the video's URL in the URL box provided.

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