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What is the "Color Scheme" section?
Last Updated 2 years ago

The Color Scheme section allows you set background colors, text colors and social media icon button colors. There are several popular color combinations that have been set as a starting point. Each color can been changed without affecting other colors. There are three ways to set colors.

1) Simply click on a colored box and use the eye dropper to navigate the different shades of a color.

2) If you know the Hex or RGB color codes then you can simply enter them in their appropriate locations. If you don't know what Hex and RGB color codes are then chances are you won't need to use them here. Simply use the eye dropper as mentioned in #1 above to select a color. 

Selecting colors are dynamic, which means they change automatically to allow you to see it real time your color changes. 

This section does not require clicking the SAVE button. Color changes are saved as you select them.

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