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What is the "Phone/Social Links" section?
Last Updated 2 years ago

This section is all about how viewers can connect with you and/or learn about your social media activity.

At the top of the section is a box for your phone number. This should be a mobile number because it is used to text you if you add the "text me" button to your Vcard. This button is optional, as are all buttons, but this is a mobile Vcard service so adding your mobile number and a "text me" button is sort of what this is all about.

Below the phone number box are some quick access links to the common buttons that Vcard customers select. They are all optional so choose what works for you.

Below these quick access buttons are the most common social media platforms. You can enter the full path to your social media links or you can simply enter your username for these platforms. Our system is able to determine what you add. As with other sections here, these social media platforms are optional.

Near the bottom of this section you can add additional website links. You can add as many as you want and you can remove them at any time.

Remember to click the SAVE button at the top of the page before moving to another section.

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